November 27 River Walk

It was such a special night at the river!  I took Max to the spot where I used to walk a loop with Laurie-dog for 14 years.  I didn’t realize how that would impact me!  But, just as I came over the edge of the ridge and started on the steep slope toward the river, the sky opened up in the most amazing colour… to the south, lavender clouds lined in gold and yellow; to the north, warm pink and violet…the river was silver in the light and with that and with Max’s excitement, I found myself crying.
I thanked Lawrence quietly to myself, for the gift he has been to me…and for this walk that he had made so special!  I took Max off leash and he bounded through the tall grass just as Laurie had done.  He ran circles through the rose bushes, giving no care to the fact that he might later find his feet sore with thistles.  He sniffed beneath the tall shrubs where the magpies perch…and ran in and out…after pheasant…and following the scent of deer, coyote and beaver.  The droppings…the snake skins, now dry and decomposing…remnants of summer.  It was all so familiar that I could not stop from crying.  Another step along the way of grief and grieving!  I love my new boy!

1 thought on “November 27 River Walk

  1. It all started innocently enough…..heartbroken and dog-less for the first time in thirteen years, she finds a puppy to ease some lonesomeness. He brings joy, and a great amount of laughter. but also the memory that she has done this before. All the puppy tricks and teachings can wear her down…and there have been many. But…there is no better way to forget or remember, than a puppy.I imagine she will always think of them linked together this way, the leaving of one so close to the coming of another. Dogs are a treasure, they are more than themselves, they are us. Part of us. They live our life, and are happy to do so. You have a treasure… have magic….you have a gift of friendship forever.She Paints Blue

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