Wintry Evening Magic

Everything at the river was deep umber, paynes grey and white…it was as though I was looking at a painting in monochrome.  It was so quiet, as all sound was absorbed by last night’s snow…so that I had a spooked feeling…I was creeped out…and I started speaking out loud to Max.  (not that I don’t talk to the guy non-stop anyway!) We made our way through some tall brush when, like two noble men, two male deer stepped out in front of us…all I could think about was their beautiful faces. I was in awe by their deep brown eyes…black noses…muscular bodies noticing that there were several points on their antlers. Instead of walking away from Max and I, they surprised me by walking toward me…froze…a few more steps…froze….then, without incident of any sort, they turned to the left and traversed the hill in front of us.  It was unbelievable!  So completely surprising. (I also can not believe that in these situations, Max sits perfectly still at my side and watches…thank you Max!)  Walking furthur, the geese continued to pour over the horizon, flying west to the river…this location is certainly the most dramatic setting for such observations.  I will return to the same place again and again.

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