First Snow and a Week In the Life

My daughter says that I should only use that particular handwritten font on wedding invitations and that her brain is tired of trying to figure it out…so, I will write using a basic Ariel font from this time forward.  But isn’t the colour nice?

When the first snow hit Calgary, Max Man was still in his cone.  It’s been eleven days since his surgery, so stitches will come out on Monday and I’ll be so glad that I will no longer have to be totally vigilant about guarding them.  It’s been a long haul and I’m glad for him to be in good health again.

On the first snow day, Max went out with his protective cone over his head and resembled a snow plow more than anything.  I laughed to myself as he continued to plow up snow onto his face, as he sniffed about, looking for an ideal spot to lift a leg.  At the park, our ball throwing was equally pathetic, as each ball plunked into the wet snow and bounced nowhere.  Max, over and over again, did a search and rescue, licking the snow off of the tennis ball, before returning to me. We’re going to have to do something about finding a new play toy for his morning activity on school days.


He and I have returned to the river, but on leash and are struggling with the dragging.  Max just wants to run. Too bad our Polite Pooches money was poured into surgery this month as I really want to get some tips on some things, one being leash behaviours.  We aren’t able to begin agility training until the polite pooches class happens, so we’re on a bit of a hold.

Today is going to be filled up to the brim because yesterday was a play day after a crazy burrito and sangria party, early morning papier mache trees, a ya ya lunch of french cuisine…it’s time to roll up the shirt sleeves and get some things accomplished!  Max awaits his morning romp outdoors. HOLA!

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