All in a Day!

I enjoyed the day immensely…it was magical in so many ways!  The day begins early as Max likes to get going at 5:30 a.m. every day!  If I feed him after slipping outdoors, he now agrees to bring his baby and his monkey and his teddy back to bed with me and today we slept until 8:00.  What a complete pleasure!

I updated my memory quilt blocks while sipping morning coffee and then Max and I hopped into the van, heading  for the ‘Big Field’.  It felt as though it was snowing…there was a real nip to the air…but as the day progressed, the sun came out and it was just beautiful!  In the field Max leapt no less than three feet for some of the balls I threw.  He is really quite amazing how he times the whole thing…I have fun laughing and clapping for him.  He gives me so much joy! 

 One of my wee students came for her art lesson and completed her acrylic painting.  A Masterpiece!  I enjoy how laid back the time is with her…we chat away and enjoy the studio as we listen to Cat Stevens in the early morning.

In the afternoon I enjoyed a visit from two of my former students….an amazing young lady and gentleman, both with fantastic high school portfolios.  They are heading for ACAD after they graduate and I am extremely proud of them.  So smart! And so funny!  I hope that they will stay in touch as so many other former students of mine have.  I love to know that art is in their souls…and that they feel compelled to pursue this hunger that is within them.  Thank you for the visit, you two! 

Finally, the day held an amazing shared experience!  One of the gifts I gave to my daughter last year at Christmas was a Rachel Ray cook book…and this evening, she prepared a beautiful meal of cheese stuffed potatoes along with browned hamburger/vegetable topping  (steeped in  a Guinness sauce).  I am so proud of her and we were both so excited about the entire process. I am going to submit the series of photographs to Rachel Ray.  I think she’ll enjoy them! ;0)   Thank you Pigeon!

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