The same day that I had the moment of “inspired realization”…my dear friend Larry pulled up to the front of the house with his wife Cathy and son, Ryan.  Larry is likely the most inspired ‘builder’ I know and he did an amazing job renovating two levels of my home these last many years.  I put my rake down….and the two of us stood in golden leaves, embracing…and he said, as he wept,  the words, “They think I have cancer.” We cried…and then I was somehow aware of ‘strength’ and ‘calm’ and almost…and this will sound weird to some of you…as though we were in the presence of an angel.  Then I spoke the words, “We’ll take this one step at a time….one step.”

I write about it today because this is the day that he had his throat biopsy…apparently this is throat and tongue cancer.  I am sitting here this evening feeling helpless….like how you feel whenever someone you care about is hurting.  As I write, I think of all that I am grateful for…good health…my children…my parents and sister…my brothers….my dear friends.  I am so truly blessed and so are my children.  We have one another.  Larry needs your prayers, as well as mine…please keep his family in your hearts this Thanksgiving.  

Larry: My Builder


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  1. Oh my heck that has to be awful news to get and to be receiving end of the person relaying it.  My thoughts and prayers will go out to him and his family!
    You have a very intriquing space, full of wonderous words, pictures and stories.  Thank you for sharing….I was thinking about taking some art classes or painting in the new year and you are an inspriration that is for sure.  My grandmother was a artist as is my younger sister, she went as far as getting her Masters in Art in Montreal; last year she was done!  I am so proud of her as well. 
    Have a wonderful week….isn\’t all that fog we had today was nice to see?

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