Moments of Inspired Realization

Moments Of Inspired Realization

While standing out in the vast field, having thrown the tennis ball for Max, no less than 50 times (and I’ve decided NOT to exaggerate this number as I do typically), I was standing in the center of the field alone….he was charging toward the ball, when suddenly I felt ‘that’ amazing feeling.  I remember experiencing it as I saw my babies’ hands   for the very first time.  And I would often get it when I walked home from school in North Bay …the sound of crunchy snow under my feet… in the dead of winter, warm sunlight hitting the white snow…my eye lashes coated in delicate ice crystals.  I experienced that feeling when I sat on the black round stones on the beach at Scalea…watching my daughter melt into the mercurial water as the sun set.  I had that feeling this morning.  I felt the sun warm on my hair and the blue sky poured over everything.  Max wore a smile…and I felt utter bliss in the state of pure Divinity in one of those surprising moments of realization.

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