Close Calls

My daughter seemed to be half joking…partly serious, when on Saturday  she reported that it is bad luck to put your shoes on tables.  I’ve been very cognizant about where I put my shoes since Maxwell has such a ‘thing’ for them and had, in a rush, set a pair of my shoes on the kitchen table.

Well, it turns out that on Sunday, given that I wanted a wee bit more rest time and DID NOT want to go and play ‘fetch’ at 6 in the morning, I left Max to his own devices and went into a deep and restful sleep.  I was going to need it!  As I went upstairs, I saw him in morning light, with the red arm of my eye glasses, swinging from the edge of his mouth.  Sigh!

Thus opens the account of a grueling 24 hours.  The entire day was given to a thorough house cleaning, down to the nitty gritty, hoping to find the missing lens that would serve to solve the end of the puzzle.  By 10:30, I was pretty convinced that Max had consumed it and started my worrying.  I talked to my sister (a very smart nurse) and she shared the same concern that I did…it is very possible this could perforate his bowel). 

4 in the morning came and I took Max out for his business.  From there, I spent the remainder of ‘night time’ searching the evidence and sure enough, as any good CSI would discover, I located fifteen pieces of broken glass….sigh…

Glass Retrieved From Poops

Immediately I felt some sense of relief, but on the other hand, I was concerned that I needed to be vigilant about noticing any changes in the Max behaviours and also, give a careful eye to physical symptoms.  I am publishing an image of the evidence here…now, new glasses…something that surely was NOT in the budget.  Bad Boy!

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