Dress Rehearsal

I am trying to establish, with Max, a schedule that lets him know that, in fact, I WILL return home to him and that he can trust in my words, "I’ll be right back, Max!"My work schedule begins next week and after an entire summer being dedicated to training and loving this pup, he may be in real shock!

This morning we got up at 6, after an earlier bed time (that’s not to say that I was able to go to sleep right away, but we DID go to bed earlier).  He did his poop thing, his peep thing and ate his breakfast and then off we went for a more energetic walk than the past few days (given that he’s been working the anesthetic out of his system and has stitches remaining in his back legs).  When the receptionist at Marty’s told me…"No serious exercise for ten days!" I thought…huh? this border collie?  A quiet ten days?  It IS NOT going to happen!  We’ve cut out his ball throwing in morning and evening, but he still requires some goofy running around and inspiring activity!

Back to the topic of rehearsal! By eight in the morning, I had put his cone over his head and was turning the key in the lock. As I drove off in the van, I saw his little cone head as he sat on the window bench and I heard his desperate voice, "Mommy!  Please don’t leave me!"  I drove the van around to the back and went  for a painting session in the studio, without him being aware.  The thing is…I could see in through the lower level and was aware of his desperate howling while sitting looking out onto the front street…something I hadn’t heard from Max before.  I stood in front of my painting and cried….waiting…and finally, just a few minutes later the crying stopped.

I got lots of painting accomplished and noticed him, a few times more, taking a seat in the front window to see if his Mom had come home…but no more crying and that was important to me.  I’m just in the house  for a break and will leave again so that he gets the experience of the ‘double-whammy’.  I figure that for the first while I will come home for lunch and when he grows in confidence and control, I will be able to leave him for the day.  I laugh to myself here as I think of the way that all of this puppy-rearing has taken over my life…but I’m grateful that I have a place to put my love and care.  I know that Max loves me dearly.  That is evident every day.  Now, off to the studio I go.  Hi ho  Hi ho!

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