Meditations on a Quiet Evening

It is evening and my son has scooted out again.  As a Mom, I am trying to come to some tremendous peace about the fact that all three of my children are now independent and busy expanding, building and nurturing relationships on their own.  It still surprises mothers how terribly they miss their children, when for years, I’m certain that we craved for time on our own. I speak in plural pronouns here because I do not think that this is something specific to me, my temperament or my needs.  I think it is a very general experience of all mothers…perhaps all parents, I wouldn’t know.

So…it looks like it is time for me to join a ‘singles’ group…or to start some of the volunteer work, away from home, that I see myself doing in retirement.  Frankly, right now Max keeps me hopping from sunrise to sunset…I think this evening I just miss conversation.  I made a phone call and spoke with my parents tonight…that felt really lovely…talked to Dad about raised vegetable beds…and Mom, about her family.  I felt that they were both in good spirits and that really DID warm my heart.

I completed another painting of heaven today…that also made me feel as though I accomplished something very special and from here tonight, I will go to the studio with Max and get to work on the next piece. 

For now, I am going to write down some words…a favourite quote…I’m not one to store in my brain, favourite quotes…but, I did have this one come to mind.  I am sending it out to people who take the time to read my blog now and then…because if they actually spend the time reading, then these words, most certainly belong to them.  These people are my family…or they are my friends.  (and for those of you readers who do not even know me….these words are also for you…so claim them!)

They were intended for the Phillipians and delivered by Paul…they were so powerful when I first read them that I have never forgotten them.  I hope that you will see them as my heartfelt blessing for each of you.

"I give thanks to my God for all my  remembrance  of you, happy at all times in all the prayers I offer for you; so full a part have you taken in the work of Christ’s gospel, from the day when it first reached you till now. Nor am I less confident, that He who has inspired this great work in you will bring it to perfection, ready for the day when Jesus Christ comes. It is only fitting that I should realize  such hope for you; you are close to my heart, and I know that you share my happiness, being able to defend and assert the truth of the gospel. God knows how I long for you all, with the tenderness of Jesus Christ Himself. And this is my prayer for you; may your love grow richer and richer yet, in the fullness of its knowledge and the depth of its perception, so that you may learn to prize what is of value; may nothing cloud your conscience or hinder your progress till the day when Christ comes; may you reap, through Jesus Christ, the full harvest of your justification to God’s glory and praise."

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