Quiet Night

Hmmm…no camera…no children.  The pup sleeps on my feet under the computer desk.  The cat curls up in the circle of my arms.  He makes me more hot than I am already, but I can not persuade him to leave because his purring lets me know just how happy he is right now.  I’ve made a big bowl of popcorn and have enjoyed some of the Olympic Events…it’s been a magical day!
The large painting was resolved today in the studio, as planned and I will begin the next piece tomorrow.  Max is getting more and more content when we paint three times each day.  The music is turned up and his favourite toys are set out on his Bambi blanket.  Typically, he spreads out on the cool studio floor and sleeps the time away, apart from the occasional request to pee.  I am so blessed that we’ve sorted all of this out as I was really beginning to wonder if I was ever going to have time for myself again.
Photographs of the summer paintings will appear at the end of August when I have a camera again.  Hoping to borrow someone’s digital for the trip to Argenta later this month.  There is no other place quite like it and I plan on sleeping a night in the Kaslo Hostel with Sarah, who told me, ‘of course it will be fine to bring your puppy,’ and then two nights sleeping under the driftwood on the shore of Kootenay Lake.  I will need to bring home images…it is bound to be a very special time.

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