I’m hoping that my daughter caught her stand-by flight into Comox, my brother’s place on the coast…especially after taking almost an hour going north on Deerfoot Trail…a snail’s pace and somewhat frustrating apart from the fact that we got to settle into one another’s company, I mean, really settle in.  Frankly, we ended up enjoying the ride.
I’ve passed my camera onto her for a log of her photographs on her first-ever-alone holiday…finding her own way with both relatives and friends, sorting out accomodations and deciding what it is she actually wants to do, moment to moment.  I know she loves her cousins dearly and given our family, with miles and miles separating us all of the time, I think that it is for each of us to build and nurture relationships as we can. She is going to have a marvelous time with her relations on this trip west!
In a nut shell, I won’t be taking any photographs for a couple of weeks.  This will be an interesting thing, given that I’m somewhat of a bug about archiving…but we aren’t the sort of family that has a ton of technology at our finger tips…we sort of ‘get by’ and that’s ok.  Sometimes our friends think that we’re pretty special as a family because we make great things out of almost nothing some days and we certainly do love one another…deeply.
The trip to Rae Glacier was an amazing thing.  My son has such stamina that I really wish he would pursue this activity…he has no fear and reminds me more of myself when I was his age and I had fallen in love with the wilderness.  While I’m tentative out in the wild at this age, when I do get ‘out’ there, I reconnect with all that it was about me that loved the mountains and the views so many years ago.  I forget that I am 53 years old and that I should likely take precautions.  Instead, I want to go deeper and discover more.
My daughter, who announced to me before the trip, "I hope you know that this isn’t my cup of tea!" ended up being such a trooper and such a delight!  As always, she contributed spirit and delight to every moment we shared.  I thought that it was an incredible snapshot of our lives together.  We are quite the family!
Anyway, the blog updates will be of the scripted variety over the next couple of weeks.  The pace is speeding up in the studio as I have done all of those distracting things that I love to do…and I’m feeling that apart from sipping on a nice cold Corona in the heat of the afternoon, I am ready to create some fine work for the galleries…a real special painting awaits me at my easel right now…to be finished by end of day tomorrow.

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