Simple Pleasures

Peanutmeister is curled into my arms at the computer desk…this is his posture every morning!  He is so beautiful and gentle and has gone through much in this adaptation, first losing his dearest friend, Laurie-dog, and now adjusting to an energetic puppy!  I enjoy this time in the morning when I respond to my e-mails and he watches the text move across my page and purrs.

The amazing thing about summer is that it gives me the opportunity to go on  dreamy  river walks.  Typically, Max gets one ‘special’ walk a day and two exercise walks besides.  For the special walk, I choose a place where we can enjoy a bit of wildness; the river, bird watching and ‘alone’ time.  We have seen graceful deer on river islands, fishermen  in boats drifting past…cormorants and pelicans…mother ducks and their youngsters.  Beautiful times shared! At the end of this walk time I feel energized and happy…and oh so blessed!

The day before yesterday we went to the weir, where in summer the pelicans gather like white boats on the Bow River.  At the weir, the Pelicans line up like sentinels to fish as the ‘big ones’ come over the rushing drop of water.

Yesterday, we headed north on our ridge and down past the community of Douglasdale.  The air was stirred with the promise of an afternoon storm and so the birds, the light on the trees….everything, was filled with a strange ‘charge’…electrified!  I said aloud over and over again, “I love this.  I absolutely love this!”  Our exercise walk in the evening was equally wonderful as everything was so fresh after the rain.  I felt my lungs completely open to the air and my young pooch walked with  a bounce in his step.

At the end of the day, I look at my Maxter and I am so happy for the simplicity of my life right now…for the joy of being completely present to my life.

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