Well, the flight was cancelled/grounded yesterday!  My son has been held up in the airport hotel for 24 hours…mechanical issues.  As of this very moment, the band should be lifting off, instruments and all, heading for Frankfurt, Germany first and then onto Italy.  I am hoping that the lost day does not serve as a detriment to their competition performance.
In the meantime, Max and I are spending time between training and the studio…getting it up and functioning for the next round of paintings.  The references have been selected and work space sorted out.  However, I’ve made some decisions to build racks in the space as I’m feeling very crowded and my large collection of stretcher bars will not be used until this finger can manage the stretching.
Max is making fast-track progress in his training.  He understands and responds to both verbal and visual cues for sit, stay, down and come…and just today, after accessing some information on the internet, he has made progress with the concept of ‘Heel’ which is in my language, "Let’s go Max!"  I couldn’t understand why he was jumping up, barking and yipping when I would say ‘Walk’ or ‘Heel’, but since, have learned that I need to get a tad closer to Max’s level.  The real gain is made initially when the dog makes an association with you…follows what you are doing…it’s more the connection between you that needs to be established.  In public places or in busy areas, what is key is that Max learns to respond when I respond and to keep tracking me. 
Max is also completely house trained :0)…going to the front door for a ‘whiz’…and the back door for the other.  This actually puts a smile on my face because he has made so many connections the past two weeks.  I am so grateful for this pooch who has filled me with wonderful-NESS again.  While I have been blindsided with loss the last while, I am learning that I can move on, only differently. I honour my Laurie-dog’s life by being a good and consistent dog owner and by relishing every minute of this new adventure.

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