Summer Morning

It is a beautiful summer morning…the light is the sort that washes over everything and the Poppies in the garden remind me of a Monet painting….the irises, of a table still life by Vincent Van Gogh….and an amazing thing that I have seen both paintings in the ‘real world’, not just in art books!
I’ve been very much consumed by Max as of late…no real quality time for writing and I suppose I had better make a more serious attempt at taking his photograph, as he is like a black and white streak most times…flitting from one city event to the next.  When he drops, he drops and is out like a light and so is his new Mom, who rears him like raising children, "You had better sleep when they sleep!"
I recently sent an update to a friend of mine in the country with lists of his ‘firsts’ and since then there are many more ‘firsts’…all of them absolutely magical!
"Yesterday…a day of adventures!  And…at times, our Max-Man moves so fast that there is no hope for photographs…that’s where words come in so helpful at times.
He met my next door neighbour and her son…they just lost their  15 year old Meeko on the Friday before the Saturday when I lost Lawrence.  Needless to say, puppy hugs were terrific medicine for the two of them, with the promise of more hugs to come.  Through the visit, I was able to introduce Brady to the neighbourhood girls…he’s a shy boy…and after three years, because of little Max, they all have names…Melissa, Caitlin, Rachel and Maddy…all little girls I give winter art lessons to in my studio.  You can imagine Max’s delight with children!  He was the star…and just LAPPED it up!
Max’s first river walk…we didn’t do the full extent and go right down to the water because Mommy #2 was frightened of the coyotes who tend to be lingering around, especially at that hour of the morning.  Big Laurie used to be spooked by them, so needless to say, when someone is this short, best to keep them on leash and out of the tall grass.  We walked the high ridge and that was enough to poop my new son out for his mid morning nap.
Max is ravenous…still sorting out how to deal with that.  Marty will likely give me a vet brand this week that will be more helpful to him than the food I picked up to get him through the weekend.  I’ve been mixing with the brand his country Mom gave me, hoping that the transition isn’t hurting his tummy.  He got put in the ‘bad box’…his kennel for some time to think after consuming ‘cat shite’.  YUCK!
My daughter had pup-sitting duties in the afternoon because I was off to a bridal shower…I missed him terribly during the shower and left a tad early…saying I have a baby at home.  I actually feel this morning as though I’ve been on a 1/2 hour breast feeding schedule for three days…this also makes me laugh, big time!
Peanut and Max have had some nose sniffing moments…butt sniffing moments….and Peanut is using swipe techniques when boundaries are crossed.  They’ve both slept with me for the past two nights, after Peanut chose to sleep on the window sill on night #1.
Max showed me how he gives chase….this, after shredding a paper towel in front of me….he would pick up the entire pile of bits every time I approached and run in huge circles…with that funny look in his eyes.  He also LOVES his toys…and especially his neon green tennis ball…he loves to go after it…and to move it around by himself.  He is learning the bouncing game and on 3 has had a small success rate of picking it out of the air with his mouth.  He and I were BOTH surprised.  Needless to say, I fell into bed last night…absolutely exhausted, winded and with aching hips!
First puppy bath here…and I think, first experience with the blow dryer?  He curled into a ball under my arm…."OHHHH!  I don’t like that sound," he shrieked! 
So…after his second day in the city, Max loves kids, doesn’t like kids on bikes….loves car rides…doesn’t like cars…loves playing with Mommy…knows he can’t nip pant legs…loves food and big slurps of water…thinks there’s another dog in the mirror or in window glass….and finds magic all day long!"

Since this writing, Max has learned to hold on for dear life as he sticks his face out against the wind in the van.  He has got some favourite walking spots, pooping spots and has socialized with the neighbour friends.  He is growing in love with my son, his girlfriend and daughter.  I love him so much and he fills my days with laughter and surprise!


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