God listens to us speak…
It would be fun for you to go back two years and read what I wrote on these pages on October 25, 2006.  It is an amazing series of magical events that led me eventually to bring Max home, yesterday…June 20, 2008…and that entire story has to be written down with some detail later.  Suffice it to say for now that we discovered an amazing couple outside of Granum, Alberta….and that ‘our’ Max was waiting for us to drive south on highway 2 to bring him back to his new home.
Right now though, Max is nestled under my computer chair…nose almost touching my toes.  He had a big day today and it is quite a leap becoming a ‘city’ dog after life in the country.
He woke at 4:00 a.m., nudging me and asking if I realized that he was a farm dog and that I should rise and shine!  So, in my jammies, we were out walking the neighbourhood by 4:30 and as I looked at his tentativenss, I had to have a small cry…he was so beautiful and he was looking up to me for assurance.
We were at the Wal-Mart store for their opening at 8:00 a.m. and Max was very enthusiastic about the toys, the kennel and the treats that I had in tow.  Then off we headed for a day of chaperoning my son’s marching band practice.  It came to the point that Max was introduced over the huge PA system because he was such a ‘hit’ with a zillion band members.  He was so friendly as each new person greeted him…and no matter where he was, if I called his name, he charged toward me, a seeming huge smile on his precious face.  He and I enjoyed running and playing in the open fields and when we sat, we just enjoyed the utter peacefulness of one another’s company.
We’ve only just returned from a walk around our entire circle, the tour of the park and a visit with a dear neighbour and her children.  Max is absolutely exhausted…but, I think, happy!  And I too, am filled to overflowing, with joy and gratitude.
Welcome home Max!

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