Spring and ‘The New”

The sunshine of the past few days has been good for my heart and I am celebrating the birth of this morning.  I am fully present to the being-ness and that gives me joy.  A stack of student poetry sits between my tummy and the keyboard and it is a gift to me.  Young people have poet’s hearts and I find myself both uplifted and touched by their words.  This has been a ‘different’ sort of year in my teaching and many experiences/situations have impacted that, but beneath the surface new magic has permeated everything and I am pleased with that.
I am learning so much as I read the book A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life Purpose and I am being reassured and encouraged by its message.  Eckhart Tolle has inspired me to see that absolute treasure that I am (and that each of you ARE) and to separate myself from past stories and events.  While intellectually, we can all connect with the pain and suffering that others have brought us or that we have brought ourselves, we needn’t cling to this suffering for the moment.  We are free to be our higher selves…calm and disconnected from the egos of others and their choices and actions…more aware of the involvement of our own egos.  Every day is a new awakening, as we live consciously rather than unconsciously…every action is a choice and a new awareness.

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