Saturday Thoughts

It’s been quite some time since I’ve been able to write.  Life has handed me a mixture of sorrow and joy since mid-February and I’ve been very overcome…some nights unable to breath for the overwhelm-ed-ness of it all.  But here this evening, at the computer desk, my Peanutmeister curls up in the circle of my arms on the desk and I feel compelled, after so many days, to write….not much…but something.  His purring steadies me…and I breath out deeply…loving the feeling of sitting still.
As I drove home this evening there was a very pale mauve colour in the sky and the mountains were etched clearly, however soft, on the horizon.  I could not help, after sharing a graduation meal with my son, but feel grateful for the ‘good stuff’.  I considered going and walking at the river valley where Laurie-dog and I once walked…such a beautiful evening, but I’ve decided to wait until the morning as everything, I know, will be fresh and ‘magical’.  For this evening, I’m going to just enjoy the feeling of rest that seems to be taking me over….it has been such a long time.

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