Our Last Dance

I was being silly, as I am when I’m completely alone.  Often I will play music and dance all by myself…I used to do this when I was a little girl too.  I remember that.  Anyway, just a little over a week ago, I turned on Xavier Rudd’s tune, Better People.  When I danced, Laurie-dog always danced with me.  He got up from his comfy spot and started spinning.  When he was younger, he actually lifted himself up off of the floor, raising his two front paws up for me to grab onto them and then he would jump on his back two legs.  The other evening he reached up with a single paw…he made his dancy-singy voice…a little growl thing he did in his throat and as a result, we laughed and goofed off together.  I had picked my camera up off of the computer desk and had started taking pictures.  The photos aren’t good…but as I sit out the afternoon, I weep again at the joy of having some record of that five minutes that we shared together.

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