David Akutagawa

This weekend has been focused on a karate clinic.  Even with a cast, I was able to participate right up until the last half hour today.  And during that half hour, I collected some awesome photographs.

I was most inspired last evening with Sensai Akutagawa’s words…he is a humble person and inspires humility.  I need to sit with his words now…and reflect on all I have experienced since meeting this very special man.

I have gathered a short biography here…from http://www.answers.com/topic/renshikan

Renshikan is a style of Karate founded in 1997. It loosely translates to "a group of people studying together". It was started by David Akutagawa, a 6th degree black belt Chito-ryu and 8th degree black belt Shito-ryu.

David Akutagawa first came to Canada after receiving a degree in Economic Science from Kohnan University in Kobe, Japan. At this point his background was in Shito ryu, and Shotokan. Around 1967, Akutagawa began to instruct martial arts to the RCMP. In 1966 He began studying Chito-Ryu, becoming the Vice-Chancellor of Canadian Chito-Ryu in 1970. After resigning from his Vice-Chancellorship in 1996, he founded the Renshikan.

Renshikan is committed to the study and preservation of traditional karate from Japan, with Shito-Ryu and Chito-Ryu being the main focus. As well, Akutagawa and many other Renshikan instructors are Christian, and instill Christian values into their teaching.

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