World Without End

I just finished reading Ken Follett’s sequel to the Pillars of the Earth, World Without End.  I really enjoyed this one too, perhaps not as much as the first, but certainly I would have been happy on a warm beach, having nothing to do but drink lime margaritas and read this one!
As I read this one, I revisited the idea that over so many years, the experiences that one lives are varied and filled with both joy and sorrow.  I was pleased about the eventual union of Merthin and Caris.  I was astounded by the Caris’ strength while the plague diminished the populations of the surrounding area.  I was filled with disdain for Ralph.  Needless to say, Follett has a way of creating characters that we relate with and question, both.
I strongly recommend both books for each of you…easily understood…historical contexts and dynamite character development!


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