Quiet Places

I am sitting here in a dark room…white print whispering across a dark blue background.  It has been nearly impossible to sleep tonight, apart from two hours after putting down my ‘read’ and turning off the bedside lamp.  Warm milk consoles me for now, but I know that as the day opens up, I will be regretting that I couldn’t quiet my mind enough to sleep. 
There are so many things on my mind right now and I have been trying to wedge six months worth of living into a one-month box.  It is time to slow down now and to imagine that over my lifetime, things will shape themselves as they are in my imagination…and that the picture doesn’t need to land in front of me, on its feet, just as it is in my head.
I have enjoyed recent conversations with my parents and my sister and my friends and children…and I know that all is well…so I will sip these final bits from my mug and try for a rest before dawn.

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