This is a beautiful time of year!  My poppies have actually sent early shoots up from the earth and so there is great promise of springtime and joyful times!  This year there will be a university graduation in our household, a high school graduation AND a wedding!  Spring offers so much in the way of family and true friends, shared experiences and love.
While attending Easter Vigil last night, I had the opportunity to review my life, my spirituality and my hopes.  I was thinking about my Laurie-dog too!  :0)  He’s in his golden years and his life has become so different…the years of bounding through the rose bushes at the river bottom, chasing pheasants, are now gone.  A few nights ago, I lifted him out of bed to get a drink of water and then lifted him back up for the remainder of the night.  My dearest friends would do the same for me if I needed… they would offer me agape love.  They are here in my life to be helpers and I am here to be the same.  When I help Lawrence, the sun shines and I am filled with springtime!  In the human heart, we have the capacity to love like this.

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