Lunar Eclipse

I took Laurie-dog for a long and relaxed walk at 7:30 p.m. last night and we watched until we saw the full eclipse of the moon.  I heard several voices come from front yard decks, mothers pointing to the sky, children squealing; a sole photographer with camera perched on fencing; three man-friends, sharing a beer.  It is a beautiful thing to think of people taking a break from what they typically do, to spend time watching the moon as it slowly covers up with a gauzy orange veil and then uncovers again!  An awesome experience, reminding me of so many evenings watching the sky with my children.

1 thought on “Lunar Eclipse

  1. I loved reading your comments on this night, I was down here in Arizona and my son in law and I took the kids outside to show them the sky and the eclipse.  We were looking at the very same moon.  Thousands of miles away….that\’s cool.

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