Manufactured Landscapes

There was only a single copy of the film, Manufactured Landscapes on my Blockbuster video store’s shelves yesterday, but I rented it.  I thought, “It’s 35 below zero for the next couple of days.  Watch something that is going to inform your Covenant series painting over the next while.  Pour yourself a glass of shiraz.  Buy some creamy onion dip and ripple chips and bunker down!”  So, I listened to that little voice and rented this film, that has truly brought me to tears.  You will see in my most recent album, a series of images that have been sliced out of the introduction.  Before the commentary even began, I was left weeping on my red couch.  Now, am I intense?  Yes…certainly, but any human being who sits and views this film, will be touched beyond belief!
Seen through the eyes of an artistic photographer, we visit the world in a new way. Non-accusatory in every aspect, this film causes you to see your life and causes you to squirm a little as you explore the notions of landscape in the frame of globalization.
I highly recommend that you sit through this film with your friends, your peers, your family and decide on where to go from here.
Thanks and gratitude to Jennifer Baichwal and please refer to her blog and other connected sites.
Recently, I have also been most impressed by the work and approach of Maude Barlow.  Her blog can be found at the following link.  Her recent books include Blue Covenant.

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