I’m excited that finally the last level of my four level split home is getting a renovation and that I will have easy access to a bathroom when all is said and done!  There are so many things that will need to be done over time in terms of maintenance…a new roof, window replacement here and there….those sorts of things…but in the meantime, I’m feeling as though I’ve made this house a home!  I’m excited!
Today I will bunch up the last heap of stuff to be sorted.  Last week I made multiple trips to the Women In Need Society, Value Village and the city dump.  There are likely a couple more trips to go!  Anyway, you can watch the progress of the work in the photo album here.  Hoping that you are all NOT SO BUSY as I am…and putting your feet up on the coffee table for a bit of a weekend break. We’re getting a huge dump of big white flakes right now and the temperature is plummeting, so it’s just as well I am remaining inside today.

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