Friday Evening

Latest SplintI know that my photo is a tad disturbing…but truly, this is how I go around for a good portion of the time!  This splint is to attempt to get the first knuckle to bend…and do note that the pinky no longer wants to do her job either!  It makes for a real bummer when you try to take a lid off a jar!  Anyway, one of my students took a hallway photograph and even though it is a wee bit fuzzy, it’s been ages since I’ve consistently posted photographs!!! 
Since dropping and breaking my digital camera sometime during this ‘hand’ project (at the digit shop), I’ve missed keeping an archive in images….but……guess what???  I’m going to buy a new camera this weekend!!!  Yippee!  Get ready for some visual updates of every sort.  The student art work has been piling up for weeks….and I completed a landscape in my own studio over the past three weeks…new techniques and ways to manage things, but in the end, I’m tickled!  Hoping you all have a beautiful weekend!

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