Monumental Tasks

Every winter we have the problem that students get the sniffles and we rarely have a generous supply of tissues.  This year I organized a grade level challenge where each grade level planned to build a large-sized sculpture in our gymnasium out of kleenex boxes!  By the end of an hour-long build, the students had constructed a Christmas tree, a Sphinx and a Castle, each built out approximately 450 boxes of tissue!  After the event, 125 boxes of tissue went back with each homeroom class. 
As you know, my digital camera broke at my last attempt to take photographs at the hand clinic.  As a result, I have not been able to capture any of the ‘magical’ events that have taken place for well over a month.  Today I borrowed a camera from our industrial arts lab and as a result, without knowledge of settings, took the above series of photos in my Grade Nine art class.   The students have been using collage, drawing and painting techniques to emphasize the theme "BIG" in their compositions.  These were inspired by the Italy journeys that I shared with my daughter this past summer.  I told the students that one of the most amazing things about the journey was being more aware of the scale of things.
I’m very excited by the students’ works, but will post more appropriate photographs next week when I borrow the camera again, but find a setting that does not carry the handle, DISCO!  I will also try to collect some photos of our BIG sculptures in the gym.

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