A New Week

A quick attempt to jot an early-morning missive. Peck. Peck. Peck.
Not that I am keeping track of measurements, but the straight of my broken finger is staying fairly steady at -17 and the fist is now at a 73 degree bend.  I was elated about the ‘numbers’, but less impressed with the ‘feel’ of the straight and the physical pain while in the splints. I’m up very early because I’m finding that my sleeps are less restful, a sign that perhaps some adjustments need to be made.  These might be TOO aggressive!
Through this circumstance, I am inspired by so many people who are digging their fingers into stiff putty or having their fingers manipulated while at the hand clinic.  I recently met a lady who has suffered rheumatoid arthritis these past six years and who recently endured a surgery to her thumb.  An amazing and courageous woman!
I continue to be diligent about my exercises, but it does demand so much of my time and concentrated effort.  At times it feels as though my world is shrinking.
A couple of things though….one is that I attended my first session of a series that is being offered through our Parish, a workshop on the Eucharist.  I am very happy about this offering and it is uplifting and good for my heart.
Another is, I had the opportunity to attend a movie on the weekend!!  The more I think of it, the more I feel amazed by it!   For one, I didn’t have to drive…something that is very uncomfortable for me these days and so it was a treat to be ‘transported’ to the theater!  Elizabeth is a fantastic film and I highly recommend it! The scenery, the costumes, the acting and the story itself were all ‘magical’!
I enjoyed quiet dinners, a wander through a book store, another glorious autumn walk and the recycle bins that have been bumping around in the back of my van, were finally brought in! :0)  A wonderful weekend by ANYONE’S standards. 

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