Yesterday I intended on taking photographs over at the hand-clinic and dropped my camera while fumbling. Big damage done…and so I am left without images and likely for a significant period of time. It is a disappointment because I LOVE taking photographs as a way of archiving events…so here I am slowly pecking out a few words this morning.It’s been suggested by my physiotherapist that I stop using finger measurements as my focus in this process because my feelings about the lagging and setbacks are pretty intense at times. Healing is a ‘mind game’ as well as a physical process and it is important to be of a mindset where you can be positive and hopeful, while indeed, it is so SLOW.

Instead of using the measurements to set goals, I am now to notice improvements in the area of function…and as these small events occur, to recognize them as successes. So, I will report that with the intense work on the hook fist this week, I have been able to gently wrap my fingers around my morning cup of coffee. It is a wonderful thing to feel all of your fingers touching something that is cupped in your hand.

The occupational therapist also built a rubber sleeve that I have put over a paintbrush so that the grip is a larger grip and I spent 45 minutes painting on one of my Covenant pieces the other evening. Now I hope to do a bit of that every day and gradually increase the time painting as the swelling diminishes.

So, even though there has been a setback with my ‘straight’, I am going forward anticipating small improvements every day in the function of my fingers…to encourage further bend I now have a flexion apparatus that has been built to train the hand to make a fist…a feisty little item, it does not create quite so much discomfort as the splint.

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