Hand Clinic Progress Report

Straight – a return to -22 degrees…sigh
Bend First Knuckle 35 degrees
Bend Second Knuckle 51 degrees
What this all means, given that my Second Knuckle was at 3 degrees last Thursday is that I’m now coming back to a bend…but losing my straight.  Now my RACK must be used for three hours again for every one hour off…feeling somewhat discouraged. Some days I am just so discouraged and today I am sitting here to peck away at keys instead of curling up on my red couch and having a tear. 
My visit during my appointment today was with a young 13 year old, David.  He broke his pinky two months ago playing soccer and just today broke/sprained his ring-finger playing basketball.  He had three different apparatus built for this initial injury and had been working with an OT since 3:30.  I met and spoke with him at 5:00 p.m.  I continue to be inspired by the people I meet.
I’m going to post photographs of a project that my students are making for their BIG unit at school.  Enjoy watching it grow and develop!  (please pray for me)

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