Hand Clinics

Alright…it’s been an amazing thing to be working regularly with Occupational Therapists and to be seeing the number and variety of struggles that people are having with their fingers and their hands.  Today’s appointment was a morning one.  So many individuals stopping in on their way to work…and with so many different maladies.
I dipped my hand into hot paraffin wax four times and then sat waiting for the heat to soak in, all the while surrounded by a hot pack…listening…in awe really…these injuries are very common and yet, unless they are in your radar screen, one tends to be unaware.  I want everyone to be grateful for their hands…their usefulness…the blessings that they provide! 
As the OT then manipulated my hand…trying to bend the now-straight finger, the pain caused me to shudder.  An unbelievable pain…and so many with this challenge! I am celebrating the fact that in just two weeks my finger has moved from a minus 43 position to a minus three.  Now I must try to gain the bend back, but gradually so that it does not fold again.  I ask for continued prayers as I do the work to make this better.  
I will also pray for the various men and women who are also trying to regain the use of their hands and fingers…especially a very young women I met on my very first appointment.  She is my inspiration, having endured a horrible car accident that has left her dominant forearm, hand and all five fingers in complete spasm.  Her work has been consistent since February.
I know that you likely think that this is another quick entry…but it has been oh, so slow…quite something!

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