Fullerton Loop

Four of us headed out for a beautiful hike this morning…so good for the soul!  The autumn colours were lit up by the sun…as one of my friends said, "the trees seem to be illuminated from the inside out." Intense yellow was interspersed with the conifers and brilliant white snow hung fresh on the mountain tops.  Just a beautiful day.
I had had a very frustrating morning up until the time I was picked up.  Because of the finger injury everything feels like it’s in slow motion.  One of my friends came in and sliced my cheese and green pepper and packed up my lunch while I fed homemade granola to the others.  From that point on, the day evolved into magic beyond belief.  I am grateful and continue to ask for your prayers as this very gradually improves.

1 thought on “Fullerton Loop

  1. Awesome portrait of England you gave Painter Lady!
    And awesome to hear you were out enjoying and appreciating the colors and the beauty of our great outdoors!
    Hugs to you and continued progress with that slowly…but surely …mending precious finger of yours!

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