Keith Urban

My son played last night in the drumline as a transition between two songs at the Keith Urban concert.  It was absolutely AMAZING to see him on the far right of the SADDLEDOME concert stage grooving!  I am so proud of him and so excited about the entire thing.  He will play again tonight and follow Keith to Edmonton for two weekend concerts as well.  I met up with my boy and two of his percussionist friends to give them their ride home and they were higher than kites, having been served an amazing buffet dinner and having the opportunity to see the ‘workings’ of a concert.
Keith Urban was exceptional!  What a versatile musician!  And what amazing musicians who share the stage with him!  One of the lead guitar players stopped in to visit when the drumline was having dinner, but as yet, the kids have not met Keith.  I hope it happens tonight.  The broken finger hasn’t made it possible to take pictures, but I’m hoping that I am able to collect some from other perople.
Speaking of the finger…don’t know if in all of the travel journals I’ve mentioned that  in Cinque Terre….maybe six or seven weeks ago now, I broke my ring finger of my painting hand.  When I visited the hand specialist at the hospital last Monday, it was sitting at -33 degrees as a result of contraction and mis-alignment of the ligaments due to the trauma and swelling.  By the time I saw the OT on Friday…it was sitting at -42 degrees.  Yesterday the meeting with the OT was very positive.  She was very pleased…as was I….when she measured the angle, it was sitting at -22 degrees.  This means that your prayers are being answered and mine are too.
Now…this does not mean that this has happened without a huge effort to follow instructions, exercise, massage, avoiding use and physical pain….but the progression is awesome!   Right now a new splint is on….feels like a kicker!  OWWW!  I’ve got another 22 degrees to go and then I can begin the three month process of gently guiding it back to mobility and avoiding a repeat on the folding action.  Blogging action is to a minimum as I have become a pecker…much like my dear ol’ Dad…it is a strange thing to not be whizzing across the keys.  I’m posting a film…likely temporary of a band playing the grooove that my son played last night.

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