Taormina, Sicily

A tad more ‘commercial’ than Palermo, Taormina offered us such a dramatic and mystical view of Mount Etna and the water below, it was an amazing experience!  I wouldn’t recommend this particular hostel for those of you who might be out of shape to any degree.  I was so proud of the two of us for actually hiking from the bus stop to our hostel that I took pictures at the destination!
Even more freakish was the drive up the cliff side on a full sized bus…with the number of hairpin turns and the fact that at each one, we faced directly onto the sea, with just a short stone wall separating, I was in shock!  I’ve tried to embed my daughter’s brief video clip of the event here, but with no success.
We had much fun at the ancient Greek amphitheater, now used for contemporary dance and dramatic works….we enjoyed one of the key players and his yoga warm-up and the joking around of the stage crew on the sidelines as they made fun of his dedicated moves.  This was a rehearsal for an evening performance that I felt surpassed my own budget…so we toodled off and found an awesome little Rotisseria where we enjoyed a couple of Messina beers, practiced Italian and pulled over complete strangers to practice the phrase, "What is your name?" 

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