Portici is a small city a short distance from both Pompei and Naples (Napoli) where one can settle in and travel easily to see other things.  Too expensive for our itinerary, we did not travel to the island of Capri, but we did really really enjoy our time at the Hostel called simply FABRIC and we highly recommend it for anyone who wishes to travel to these parts on a budget!
I really wanted to stay at this spot because it had been a Fabric Factory in the past and to some degree it resonated with my family history with the woolen mill and it just seemed the right place to be.  It DID NOT disappoint for many reasons.
The experience of a real family dinner with Italian people who are now friends was amazing!  The journey to Pompei was mind-boggling…the exploration of Naples was full of new discoveries…a lemonchello factory…Pizza!…churches that were exceptionally beautiful…a cloister…all of it, awesome!  

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  1.  You must have gotten a new camera!! It seems to be working so so well!!   (O: 
    An artist is at it \’s controls ….that is for sure!  Great to see them ALL!

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