Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre is a mystical place…a series of five villages perched on cliff edges…we stayed in the first of these villages, Riomaggiore, and it was on a beach near this village where I broke my finger while playing in waves along the seashore.  Darn!  This WILL take some time to heal!  Good thing I still have a smile in my heart as I remember Cinque Terre!

Walking trails connect each village to its neighbors. The path from Riomaggiore to Manarola is called the Via Del’Amore (roughly, "Lovers Walk"). This winds along the shore, is very picturesque and is very easy to hike. The stretch from Manarola to Corniglia is also easy to hike, although the main trail into Corniglia finishes with a climb of 368 stairs. The trail from Corniglia to Vernazza is steep at certain places. The trail from Vernazza to Monterosso is by far the steepest. It winds through olive orchards and vineyards and is rough in places, but offers the best view of the bay and the spectacular approaches to both Monterosso and Vernazza. 

We only hiked as far as the village of Monterosso and we were too late to gain entrance through the tunnel to the very-much loved nudist beach that is privately owned.  Seafood is in abundance and the colour and the light…the water and the steep terraced gardens are different from anything one is likely to see anywhere else!  Enjoy the pictures now that I’ve been allowed my September batch! Map borrowed from

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