Florence, Italy

Florence….light and romance…history…Botticelli…the smell of leather…open piazzas where people gather…a Duomo that is so beautiful…a sense of spirituality everywhere.  We stayed at Michaelangelo’s Campground…an awesome venue within walking distance of central Florence.  I attended the Uffizi gallery and wasn’t disappointed to wander and see so many of the works I had studied in University…initially I had decided against this, but do not regret the decision to plan for and manage the three hour line. 
I loved weaving in and out of leather market alleys…the smell was so yummy!  We also strolled along the Pont Vecchio where the brilliant gold jewelery is displayed….looking at the sad state of the Arno River made me ache for home although I tried to capture it in evening light where the quality of the water wasn’t evident and one could imagine the stunning beauty of the river before human consumption.
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