What a ‘magical’ experience to have the opportunity to stay for even a short time with friends in the countryside outside of a small perched village, Casole d’Elsa situated between Volterre and Siena! When I got home I was disappointed in the quality of my photographs simply because IT IS TRUE what they say about the light in Tuscany!  It is ethereal and rose-coloured…it is absolutely beautiful!
We were hosted by a wonderful Berlin family and their friends and they gave us such a warm and ‘real’ experience…I will never forget their kindness and how they opened up their summerhome to us.
Having traveled by bus from Florence our first morning, we were picked up in the small town of Colle di Val d’Elsa, just to the west of the famous Chianti region of Tuscany.  Our friend took us via the winding narrow roads past many fields of sunflowers, golden grain and cypress trees to a short tour above the countryside and then off to his home.  All of it…his hospitality, yet another gelato and the true experience of the countryside was refreshing…a time to take pause.
I attempted quick little sketches in watercolour although one of my fingers had been broken back in Cinque Terre…and I’d love to complete a significant painting in the studio of my remembrance of such a special place. I will never forget the expanse of the night sky and the cool Tuscan air (doors and windows wide open) and the brilliant stars, their light reaching deep into my happy heart. Thank you to our new friends for this happy time!

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