Paris…a beautiful exploration of monuments, gardens, bridges and a return to the Musee D’Orsay…one of my favourite galleries!  I will write more extensively about my experiences after I read over my journals and formulate a brief summary that will serve this blog.
The city of lights and romance!  Everything about Paris smacks of beauty.  The women are absolutely gorgeous in a very classical way…they are dressed in the most remarkable clothing…they even seem to stand taller than Canadian women.  Paris is a spiderweb of Metro ‘lignes’ and narrow ‘rues’.  I was happy about how I navigated us through and around both streets and menus because I know that in Italy I relied very much on my daughter for those very things.  I felt more independent in Paris and was swept up in the art, the food and the lovely walks by the Seine.
The exhibit Cezanne to Picasso was a wonderful surprise and the paintings, an unfamiliar collection, were exceptional.  The most breathtaking was a small painting of two sunflowers done by Vincent Van Gogh.  It was delicious in it’s ultramarine blue background and gorgeous stippled yellows of the flowers.  I stood and cried in front of that one and was grateful for traveling to Paris for that single moment. 
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