I have no idea how this entry will appear to my readers.  It’s one in the morning only 14 train stops from the base of Mount Vesuvius.  July 27th and it will be my Mom’s birthday!  First time I haven’t been home to send off a birthday card in all of these years….so happy birthday Mom!  Today my daughter and I wandered Pompeii for no less than five hours together…I have to tell you that it was absolutely amazing to be stepping into history….a history before Christ…a time when the earth was in an earthquake upheaval….when human beings tried their best to rebuild, only to face a volcano!  What an amazing commentary about the human spirit…such a huge history of both warfare and natural catastrophe….and there we were walking in the very spot where all of this happened!

I miss my children at home…and my Laurie-dog and Peanut-meister…but I am also quite aware of how blessed I am to be sharing this experience with my first-born.  

As I travel, I can not help but wish that people would take better care of their environment.  The world is such an amazing place and yet some of us truly take its magic for granted.  If there is anything I have learned, it is that we are all the same…and that for certain, there are some of us who care about our water, air and earth and there are others who do not give it a second thought.  What a beautiful world we live in!  This is an experience that moves me…it causes me to feel deeply!

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  1. What I wouldn\’t give to see Pompei, the history frozen in time of those who died not knowing that their etifices would be frozen for all eternity. The humanity in the figures exposing us all for what we really are, fragile life forms, who\’s lives are destined to forever be remembered, and forgotten by the epochs of a geological time frame. Rock on.

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