Summer Solstice

I missed writing last evening…it was a very busy day/evening.  I hosted a celebration of the solstice in my studio with several members of my arts and culture ya ya group.  We nibbled on papaya, fresh pineapple, chicken wings, meatballs, lots of dips and lots of chips and we drank traditional mojitas.

The Mojita
A fresh mint, lime and sugar muddle stirred with raspberry vodka, topped with soda and garnished with a mint sprig.  In our case…we used club soda and white rum…not raspberry vodka.  My daughter recently returned from Cuba and we made them Cuban-style.

It was a wonderful opportunity to visit and relax and anticipate our summer plans with tremendous enthusiasm. I took pictures, but I doubt that any of my friends would like me to post them on a public blog, so I will respect that. 

This afternoon, right after school, one of my friends and I headed southwest to one of my favourite locations on the planet…from where we stood we could see for endless miles to the mountains in the west.  We had the opportunity to visit with sculptors from Zimbabwe and to look at some of their amazing work out in natural surroundings.  It was a beautiful experience.

Zimbabwean Stone Sculpture with

Chaka Chikodzi

Experience the feel of a chisel in hand, a piece of rock in front to you. Your mission: To draw out the spirit that lives within the rock This is the way of the Zimbabwean Sculptor

In conjunction with the exhibit “Celebrating Life Through Stone” we invite you to participate in this unique hands-on two weekend sculpting workshop with Canadian-Zimbabwean stone sculptor, Chaka Chikodzi.


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