On Golden Pond

This movie is one that I have watched many times over the years.  I dream to celebrate LOVE into my ‘golden’ years, just like that shared between Ethel and Norman (Katharine Hepburn and Henry Fonda).  I love the thought of a place by the water…with loons calling out…wild strawberries in the woods…leaves changing colour in the autumn.
I met up with a friend of mine this afternoon…she was wheeling a rolling chair down the school hallway, with a box sitting on the seat…emptying her classroom of her momentos and papers.  I caught her on the way back up the hallway, with her empty rolling chair…I asked her…
"Are you feeling nostalgic? Are you ok?"  Afterall, we’ve been so busy at school lately that it would be easy for someone like her to be easily forgotten in the ‘busy-ness’ of year’s end. 
She smiled at me…hugged me…and she said, "I’m alright.  I’m doing just fine.  And no, I’m not feeling nostalgic…more excited about the next beginning."  She had a big smile on her face.
I told her that a season I’ve always missed, being a school teacher, is autumn.  I want to enjoy autumn.  She said the same.  We agreed that as a teacher we had missed too many autumns.  And now…the next autumn will be hers.
On Golden Pond was the perfect film to watch this evening.  I feel weary…but contented all at the same time.  Wishing you all golden ponds and dream after dream, come-true!
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