Freedom Writers

I’ve rented a few films of late…things to sit and rest with after long days of doing school-related stuff.  It’s been a way of really bringing myself down to a peaceful state…after running too quickly and carrying heavy loads!
Surprising, the one on my recommend-to-view list is one about a first-year teacher…and her class.  I was so taken by this movie…awesome…it warmed my heart, was positive and has a message for all of us.  The movie is titled Freedom Writers, a great little rental for everyone!
Children of Men was nothing like the novel by P.D.James and was dark.  I hope that people do not avoid reading the novel because of seeing the movie….the book was extraordinary…very powerful! The movie’s only real connection is the very young pregnant woman…all else seems to bear little similarity.
Notes on a Scandal was just disturbing…in every way…not really the content that would let you lie back on your red couch and completely relax….disturbing!!!
Oh…now, what was the no-brainer…little romance flick…hmmm….Music and Lyrics, something with Drew Barrymore….I don’t know….I suppose some of you might like it, but it’s not my genre.  I think that Pretty Woman is my favourite of the comedy-romance sort…I have watched that again and again. Anyway…DO rent Freedom Writers…that is a MUST! 


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