Whirlpool by Jane Urquhart

The book of the week is Whirlpool by Jane Urquhart and I notice on the book review site I’ve shared here that they’ve spelled her last name incorrectly…it is difficult, isn’t it?  I forgot just how much I love this author and truly a wonderful ‘read’, given that I picked this book up in a second hand store for 50 cents.
I love the connection that Urquhart makes with both art and writing…in this case…the protagonist is a poet.  Browning’s writing comes up again and again and I love that sort of reference…it is rich and many-layered.  I also have a friend who lives in this part of Canada…the impact of the falls…the sound of water…the whirlpool…a wonderful image that is woven through the narrative.  This is a sensitive and rich little book.

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