First Iris

So much in terms of new life in the gardens lately!  Last year I would have been blogging photographs of each new thing to bloom…this year, I can’t keep up with the changes!  I did so much of the large ‘build’ last year and I’m excited that the major landscaping projects are finished…weeks went by without thinking about what might be growing in my beds this season.  I’m very excited about the rock, the ground covers, my catoni asters that came up with great enthusiasm….my oriental poppies and lupins, sweet peas up against the fence, strawberries in my special son-constructed raised bed…it’s all so wonderful!
I am so busy right now between finishing up the school year, organizing the house as best I can for a visit with my sister, brother-in-law and their two precious kids (YIPPEE! and YAHOO at Stampede time!), planning the trip to Italy (I picked up my walking shoes yesterday so that I can begin to break them in) and my art work, that there is little time for sitting here writing about my life….just thought I would attempt a brief entry and mention to the world that I am celebrating the first iris bloom….one of the ones that my Mom and Dad planted on their last visit out.  There is still precious time to notice the ‘little’ things.  I love you Mom and Dad.

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