Being Swept Up!

The springtime has held an entire plethora of events…artistic, musical and literary. This past long weekend, in particular, found me dancing from one activity to the next with an overabundance of energy and productivity.  I continue to paint every day in the studio and have nearly completed nine significant paintings in a two and a half week period.  I see no end in sight for the body of work ahead for me.
I am in the midst of marking my final major assignment for my english students and found myself at the halfway point with that on Saturday.  There was some work in the garden although the weather was not very nice for the most part…and the darned lawnmower sits like a gargoyle on the east side of the house, broken down from last season…and my yard has an overgrown look to it as compared to the well-manicured neighbour-yards.  Sigh…I’ll have to resolve that one!  As I type, the thought crosses my mind, "I wish I had a sheep!"
On Monday I spent a good part of the day over at my workplace hanging art works for our annual art exhibit at school.  I hope to finish collecting photographs of that exhibit to share on the blog tomorrow. In the end, the show looked ‘magical’ and the events of the Tuesday evening fine arts event were spectacular.  Sometimes I wish that I could share such moments with my friends as I think they would see more of ‘what I’m about’…don’t know…maybe they already have a clue! 
Part way through the band concert, my language arts students completed their Rap-Off finals and the top three Rap teams were selected by a random group of 17 judges in the audience.  I am so proud of my students for their thoughtful lyrics and entertaining performances.  Another of my students, one who competed just this morning for a spot in a special talent search, warmed up by playing an acoustic piece by Papier Mache that had such depth…such amazing lyrics and presentation!  It was a great evening!
The book-of-the-week is The Republic of Love by Carol Shields…and it is a very good one!  I so look forward to ‘jammie’ time and reading…I always feel so relaxed…and love the quiet of that time of day. 

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