The Pursuit of HappIness

There has been a wonderful shift in weather and while I’m sipping my morning coffee, I’ll write a brief update.  Lately I haven’t been inspired to write.  The house has been filled with people and I’ve been cooking food in the ECONO-GIGANTIC size to keep tummies in good supply.
My daughter had two of her friends, one from Salmon Arm and the other from Kamloops for a week before I drove all three of them to the airport to catch a flight to Cuba for four weeks.  They are doing an anthropology/dance course for University.  What a ‘magical’ and fun time they should have!  I felt surrounded by positive energy while they were around.  We shared many laughs and their enthusiasm was of the sort that I live with and believe in.  I am most proud of my daughter and her ability to save for and work hard for this opportunity.  This is something she has manifested because she wanted it so much.
As this group left (and we DID share in a transition feast of ribs and swartzies potatoes (do you need the recipe?) and salad stuff and fresh green beans), another group from Edmonton shared our home for the weekend.  Another fun group, with a couple of YOU TUBE film artists, so I’m sure things will be published here soon.
I still found a chance Saturday night to go to Henry’s to celebrate a couple of the Taurean birthdays among friends…there are a whole string of them in May…I LOVE IT and so we danced circles in the dance floor until almost two.
My son has been busy with band camp and music all-the-while, but at the same time, he has been pulled into the whirlwind of visits here AND fitting in a huge number of his own social events!  We have become masters at juggling things lately!
Because of the brilliant weather, I’ve been out in the garden for several spurts of digging about and transplanting….more ground cover into the rock beds, sowing of seeds like lavendar and forget-me-nots…weeding, and transplanting sweet-peas beside the fence.
I finished another pelican painting yesterday morning and I am feeling very excited about the series.  My friend pulled finishing nails out of frame molding while I painted…and it was fun to go through my music collection and chat about almost everything while we both worked.
Last afternoon held a relaxing walk at the river with my friend and our two pooches, dinner at Karma and a special viewing of the story of Winnie, the Canadian bear that inspired the Pooh series.  I am left with the smell of sage and the taste of Sicilian olives grown in California…and the anticipation of a more quiet week ahead, but a special one none-the-less.
This morning begins a competition of Ms. M’s Rap School.  My students have written raps based on global issues that concern them and I’m going to be providing prizes by end-of-month for the three top raps.  It was a fun thing learning about the genre and bringing the ‘positive’ forms of rap to the kids.  I’m looking forward to this adventure in music and in words!

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