Palermo, Sicily

After a few days in London this July, I will be flying into Palermo, Sicily for a couple of nights and days before the trek north through Italy over a three week period, ending in Venice. I just phoned my daughter in London and opened my birthday gift from her, while on the phone.  A HUGE map of Italy!!!  Yippee!  AND…my ticket to Palermo!
Our first accomodation can be viewed at the following link…this entire webite just makes me smile from ear to ear!  The guide, Giorgio is amazing and conducts tours AND treks free of charge just for staying with him.  Take time to look at some of the photographs.  So much fun!
I think that one of the physical sites I would like to take in for certain is Mount Etna, a very active volcano, having recently erupted in October of 2006.

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