The Pursuit of HappYness

This one is a beautiful movie that shows the huge challenge a Daddy has while trying to make dreams come true.  It is one that makes us all feel like we can overcome obstacles and make a life for ourselves and the people we love as long as we hold fast to our determination to do so.  The film The Pursuit of Happyness is based on a true story and this somehow gives it more power because sometimes in fiction, we doubt that a person’s circumstances can be such as this.

In Calgary at this time there is such growth of population and so few resources/rentals that we have a huge number of people who are living on our streets.  Places like the Mustard Seed and the men’s shelter are packed each night.  Families, including children, are eating through the various programs to ‘Feed the Hungry’.  I am fortunate in so many ways and keep these people in my prayers.  They have dreams, as we do.

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