Shooting Dogs

Last weekend’s films with the kids included this one.  It was a film that somehow complemented the book I was reading at the time, The Poisonwood Bible.  While dealing with a different place and time, there was strong evidence of the movie, Shooting Dogs  being linked by concept to the book.  The film is set around the Rawanda genocide, but tells a compelling story about personal choices that have to be made in a whole number of contexts.  This one wouldn’t be a film for ‘entertainment’…a powerful statement about humanity.
"This film revolves around a school in Rwanda in 1994 under siege. Inside of the school are many black Tutsi students, a UN peace-keeping forc"e with a sympathetic Belgium Captain, a dedicated young white teacher, and the school head, a Catholic priest named Christopher, played brilliantly by John Hurt. The school is surrounded by machete-bearing Hutus waiting for the chance to kill any Tutsi they find whether they are a baby, a woman, an old man, simply any Tutsi, who they, the Hutus, derisively call cockroaches. Mans’ inhumanity to man could not be displayed in a more ugly fashion.

What does a well meaning, civilized person do when confronted with indescribable savagery? Run for safety or futilely stay and die?"

Watching this movie should make you feel uncomfortable about what is happening in Darfur right now.  It is in knowledge and understanding, that we are caused to at the very least, speak out against injustice in the world.


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